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Course Overview

The Femme Lex Cohort is a rigorous online Legal Entrepreneurship and Mentorship program consisting of eight modules —designed to help you achieve expertise in the area of business and legal entrepreneurship.


You will develop deep-seated problem solving skills and the confidence to contribute to legal business development, discussions and decision making: allowing you the critical extra edge over your academic counterparts! 

Course Eligibility

Participants must be:


  • 18+ years old by December of the specified application calendar year. Mature Applicants (35+) are also heavily encouraged to apply.

  • Preferably from Small Island Developing States, minorities, and marginalized communities. However, ALL women matching the eligibility criteria are welcome to apply.

  • Pursuing Law at the Bachelors or Masters degree level and above. Double Major Degrees are accepted, provided one of the Majors are Law. We also welcome new Attorneys-At-Law, called to the Bar in the past 1-5 years.

  • Have access to a computer/tablet or mobile phone to participate in the program as it is virtual.

  • Be willing to participate in the compulsory #LexReflect  weekly Social Media Challenge.

  • Be willing to be on camera for ALL live recorded virtual sessions of the Femme Lex Cohort.

  • Proficient in speaking and writing in English.

  • Possess a genuine and vested interest in changing the world positively for the future, through the mediums of Law and Justice. 

  • Please note all LIVE classes are held in Atlantic Standard Time Zone. Classes will be recorded and available for self-paced study on our private Course Platform, available to FLC Ambassadors ONLY.

Course Syllabus 


Press Conference, Orientation Mixer and Introduction to the Programme and its Content.

Week One

Understanding What I Am Bringing To My Legal Business and/or Business of choice.


Week Two

How To : Effectively Generate Sustainable Business Ideas.


Week Three

The Intricacies of Planning, Goal Setting and Strategy for Entrepreneurship.


Week Four

Business Economics : The Strategy of Personal and Entrepreneurial Budgeting. 


Week Five

Market Research : Understanding and Identifying Your Critical Target Market for Success.


Week Six

Business Planning: Introduction To The Entrepreneurship Canvas.


Week Seven

The Tenets of Financing Ideas and Business Idea Analysis.


Week Eight

Put Those Strategies and Skills To The Test: Pitching Preparation.


Week Nine


Put Those Strategies and Skills To The Test: THE #LEXPITCH Finale Programme Event!

FLC Ambassadors will pitch their businesses to a panel of renown investment, business, finance and legal experts! Who will reign supreme? We will find out!



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Cardelle Fergusson is a multi-talented Caribbean National with a passion for entrepreneurship and youth development in general. Currently she dedicates much of her time and attention to working with and supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in various aspects of business development and training.

Cardelle’s passion for youth development came from her involvement with youth organizations, like the Duke of Edinburg’s Award programme, CARICOM Youths and Youth Ambassadors, as well as her training and experience as a certified teacher (specializing in mathematics education).  She has further achievement of a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Computer Science and Management from the University of The West Indies in Barbados. Her studies in business are further affirmed by obtaining her designation as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) specializing in Strategic Leadership through CMA Nova Scotia and the Caribbean.

Cardelle has sharpened has skill in project management during her position as Project Coordinator for the four years IDB/MIF regional project to develop young entrepreneurs. In this post she was able to improve the activities and offerings to the Young Entrepreneurs and other stakeholders served by the BYBT while ensuring that the project was “highly relevant and fulfilled the key objectives”.

Armed with a competent mix of education and experience, Cardelle is currently the General Manager at Barbados Youth Business Trust (BYBT).  She has developed strategic plans by studying technological and financial opportunities; written and received approvals for proposals for partnerships, grants and projects, presenting assumptions and recommending objectives; managed staff in the execution of projects and programme activities in keeping with the company’s mandate.

Cardelle is:

  • Creative, diligent and dedicated to getting things done

  • Passionate about planning and executing business development strategies in entrepreneurship and youth development

  • Enthusiastic and innovative problem-solver with keen ability to quickly assess diverse situational challenges, develop policy and action plans, and lead team to meet or exceed goals

  • Highly motivated self starter with exceptional interpersonal communications skills that aim to maintain high team morale and service performance




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Gregory Fergusson is a detail oriented person who is very keen to learn as much as he can about entrepreneurship, business and finance.  Combining a mix of perceptiveness, he is a conscientious worker who is excited to see entrepreneurs succeed and grow.


Gregory possesses a Bachelors of Science in banking and Finance, and an Associate Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.


  Gregory works with potential entrepreneurs to ensure they achieve the most of their potential.  He works in the accounts department at Barbados Youth Business Trust and has a background in Banking & Finance.   In his quest to continue to grow and develop, he recently read and trying to put into practice, “7 Signs of Highly Effective Persons” by Steven Covey.  It is one of the world’s leading books on self-improvement.

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