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Asked Questions

What kind of time commitment is required for the Femme Lex Cohort?

The Programme is extremely time friendly. Live virtual classes are held once a week for two hours, and are recorded for self-paced study. Mentorship sessions are held bi weekly for one hour. Regarding our FLC Internship Research Programme, supervised research sessions are held bi-weekly, along with select Mentorship Sessions.


IMPORTANT: Please be guided that for any and ALL deadlines for any and all aspects of this Programme : unless otherwise instructed , adhere to Atlantic Standard Time/ Barbados time.

Are there scholarships for The Femme Lex Cohort? How do I qualify?

 Stay tuned for developments in this regard!

What are the policies for refunds, deferrals, and withdrawals?

Due to the highly competitive nature of the Femme Lex Cohort Programme, we currently do not accept deferrals at this stage. However, our Programme is annual and will be open for applications on that basis. 

What materials will I have access to after completing the Femme Lex Cohort program?

Our Programme is constantly updated after every cohort. Therefore,  access is available up until completion of the Programme. 

How should I list my credential on my resume?

The Femme Lex Cohort Certificate by The Erline Bradshaw Foundation.

What are the learning requirements to pass this course?

To be a successful FLC Ambassador and earn your certification, you must meet all requirements referenced below:

    • Ambassadors who complete and pass ALL coursework assignments given by tutors and ALL eight weeks of the Lex Reflect Challenge, bar medical leave/extenuating circumstances. 

    • Demonstrate a superior level of content mastery

    • Make satisfactory contributions to the program through your engagement and participation.

  • Participants will not pass the Femme Lex Cohort program and will NOT be awarded a Certificate of Legal Entrepreneurship if, they fail to do one or more of the following: 

    • Complete all module assignments

    • Demonstrate content mastery on module quizzes 

    • Satisfactorily complete all required participation elements

How is course participation evaluated?

As there is no final exam, course participation is evaluated upon successful completion of the coursework assignments issued by the Barbados Youth Business Trust tutors, and the mandatory completion of the Lex Reflect challenge. 

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